John Deasy: Still a disappointing choice for LAUSD superintendent.

As of this writing, some School Board members and our current superintendent are trying to convince the public that there’s money for iPads but not to lower class size, fully staff campuses, and give employees a raise.

As Helen Bernstein said, “They lie, they lie, they lie.”

Proposition 30 generated roughly $189 million this year alone, and restoring the positions of 549 teachers and health and human services professionals who were laid off in 2010 would cost $47 million, leaving $142 million—money that should be used for a raise. After three years of furloughs (last year being the first year since 2009 that we’ve had a full school year) and nearly seven years without even a cost-of-living adjustment, a raise is long overdue. It’s offensive that we hit the streets to ensure passage of Prop. 30, yet in the minds of some LAUSD leaders, we should somehow continue to sit idly by as the District puts on its best magic act.

This is one of many reasons why I’m still disappointed in the choice the school board made in appointing our current Superintendent. First published in 2011, you can read the whole story here:  Intersections South LA January 23, 2011

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