Yes on 30 No on 32!

As we approach November 6, it is imperative Prop 30 passes, otherwise children across California will have their school year cut by as many as 15 additional days! Prop 32 addresses a $6 billion budget gap so essential public services are protected!

Yes on 30:

Thanks to the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United, corporations and SuperPACS can currently make unlimited donations anonymously. Yet Prop 32 does nothing to address that. Prop 32 advocates state that the initiative reigns in special interest influence in our political process. This is simply not true. SuperPACs and corporations already outspend unions 15 to 1 in our political process, yet Prop 32 only tips the balance further in their favor. Prop 32 is really an attack on the middle class. PBS’ Frontline has a great expose on this issue.  Judge for yourself:

Vote NO on Prop 32:

Are there ever more than 30 days in a month? Yes. Yes on 30!

Are there ever more than 32 days in a month? No. No on 32!

Yes on 30! No on 32!

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